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Alberto Lombardi is the founder and CEO of Tuscany Quintessence, Tuscany Bike Tours and Experiences. Alberto (Albi for friends) is a certified bike tour leader and a solid skipper; he crossed the Atlantic Ocean 2 times winning also one of the most famous transatlantic regatta, the ARC in 2014. Alberto is moreover a triathlete and when possible, he challenges himself with long distance races like half-ironman. Above all Alberto is very passionate and knowledgeable about Tuscany, willing to share the amazing places he knows. He believes that a unique tour is the result of mixing the right essences like adventure, nature, food, art&history and wellness. He is the primary tour leader of Tuscany Quintessence. Before founding Tuscany Quintessence, Alberto worked at General Electric for 20 years covering several leadership positions. Alberto believes that Compliance, Quality, Health/Safety and Environment should be at the foundation of everything we do; these are also the values for Tuscany Quintessence. He is married and has 2 children. And 2 cats!


Marco Andreoni is the Technical Director of Tuscany Quintessence. Marco is a veteran of tourism in Tuscany; his solid experience combined with studies are making him a real expert in the field of agricultural tourism. Marco is an expert horse rider and mountain climber; the perfect guide for this kind of adventures. His preferred destinations are Rome, the countryside around Volterra, the area in the south of Tuscany called Maremma Toscana, Pisa, Lucca and Apuan Alpes. Marco started about 20 years ago managing family’s properties then became a manager of a tour operator supporting tourists from abroad with special focus on France and Canada (he is French mother language) becoming one of the best options for tourists looking at Tuscany for vacations. Most recently Marco started new projects like leading the transformation of an old private villa in a charming and profitable bed and breakfast. He is also a consultant for newly formed B&B or holiday homes for rent.

Our dream is to create the perfect condition for YOUR unforgettable vacation in Tuscany. The capability to harmonize a flourish set of valuable bike tours experiences is the key to offer YOU a superior service. This is why we have implemented solid partnerships with several players across Tuscany; we believe that working together, will allow us to achieve common success and, ultimately, YOUR satisfaction.


Debunking the myth around e-bikes

Bicycles with pedal assistance are bikes equipped with an auxiliary electric motor.  Electric bikes do take some of the pain out of climbing, but they don’t do the climbing for you. e-bikes  only add to the power you’re personally putting out; therefore, you still have to work to conquer the climbs.

E-cycling can contribute to meeting physical activity recommendations and increasing physical fitness. As such, e-bikes offer a potential alternative to conventional cycling.That’s the conclusion of a new systematic review published in the latest International Journal of Behavioural Nutrition and Physical Activity.

In Italy e-bike does not require homologation, insurance, registration/plate or a driving license.

The autonomy

Under normal conditions (average level of pedal assistance, rider’s weight less than 90 kg and minimum slope) can assist the ride for about 80 km, which increase in the case of flat route and decrease in the presence of different climbs.

Our bikes are Fantic XF2 INTEGRA, 2019 model.

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