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  • Sharing new experiences

    Family fun!
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  • Take a break, relax and play!

    Traffic? no thanks...
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  • Badia a Passignano

    Hidden historic sights
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  • Take a break, relax and play

    Cycling is fun!
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  • The soul and the scent of the wine cellar

    The legend of Chianti
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  • The harmony of Tuscany landscape is contagious

    Heaven could be anywhere. Why not here?
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You + Nature + eBike = Sustainable Tourism

Guided e-bike tours to discover the best of Tuscany in a new way.
Every day a new unpaved road, away from traffic and crowded places will lead us to a new destination.
Environmentally friendly, zero emissions used; no cars or vans.
Luggage is carried on the bike in soft bags.
Enjoy lodging in historical apartments and charming country farmhouses.
Savor delicious Tuscan cuisine as you ride through the culinary heart of Italy.
Our guides will help you to experience the best of Italy as you travel through the beautiful Tuscan countryside.
It’s the perfect private adventure with your family and friends and one that you will remember for a lifetime.
Covid-19 protocol in place. Health is not negotiable.

"Essential is invisible to the eye"

Cycling in nature to recharge your energy

Feel the power of nature, away from traffic and crowds. Every day a new unpaved road to discover Tuscany. The friendly tour director will inspire a sense of wonder & enrich understanding.

Private groups, increase your emotional bond

We take care of the little things, so you don’t miss out on the big things. Enjoy a bike tour with your family or friends.

Memories last forever

Best moments video of the tour included. Exciting view from the top with our drone. WIFI available during tour with our hot-spot, you can share photos and videos in real time.

e-Bike, having fun together

The joy of sharing an exciting cycling holiday with your family and friends is priceless. Cycling Tuscany together is a wonderful experience. Top quality Italian electric MTB.

Zero emission bike tour

No use of car; you will carry your own gear in the soft bike bags. Zero KM Food, charming accommodations. Our tours are designed to be safe & fun; it's not a race.

The Quintessence of Tuscany

Enjoy the most perfect blend of outdoor adventure mixed with culture, genuine food and wellness.

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