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Trasformative experience

Siena by night

Are you a potential digital nomad?

For workers who can work remotely, Covid-19 has created a new and unexpected opportunity; become a digital nomad. Some countries have begun to attract this new group of players because the size and spending capability of digital nomads is not negligible. Barbados and Hawaii have already started. Hawaii, for example, will pay you the air […]

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Viaggio avventura

Adventure Travel

Adventure Travel is the perfect vacation for the curious When it comes to adventure travel, the mind often flies, evoking extreme images seen on Instagram, a guy standing on top of a rock with open arms and the cliff that surrounds it, or inside the green labyrinth of the forest, where the humid and wild […]

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Via Francigena, a trasformative experience

Why should walk Via Francigena?

Via Francigena, a journey of a lifetime. A transformative experience. Every new journey is an experience that makes us “new”, “different”. Unaccustomed to silence, to concentration, this itinerary on the Via Francigena wants to create opportunities to experience these forgotten sensations. Travelling means getting involved. The stories of those who have traveled the Via Francigena […]

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