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The dream of a child who loved sailing without knowing what it was

by Alberto Lombardi

My dream – let you discover the real Outdoor Tuscany Experience – became clear on a pier

This is the story of my dream, that talks about pure love as only a child can do. Love for open sea, sun and wind. And Tuscany. Actually, it was a recurring daydreaming that I used to do when, with my father, hand in hand, we were walking on the pier in Viareggio. Every time with my child’s eyes I was looking at the open sea dreaming to sail away with my sailboat.

Every time, I had the same feeling… will I  be able to really sail away? Who knows… Let’s hope.

I was too young and the dream too complex for me. The dream was actually deep in my soul, in fact I never gave up. While years goes by, I move forward, still keep dreaming about open sea. The question remains the same…  would I ever be able to sail across the Ocean? It is time to build the plan.

The starting cannon – Las Palmas, Canary Islands – November 2014

I wake up in a flash, I am aboard of a 13-meter sailboat; we are expecting to hear the starting gun in a moment. One of the most important running transatlantic regattas in the world, the Atlantic Rally for Cruisers  – in place since 1986 – is going to commence. 131 boats sailing from Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and ends before Christmas at Rodney Bay, Saint Lucia, in the Caribbean.

Excitement is at its maximum, strong wind and waves of 8 meters force us to maneuver the boat with maximum concentration.

During a short brake, I ask myself if I am really living this moment. How did I get to here? a series of flashbacks are pushing me there, where everything started, the pier in Viareggio.

My memory goes back to my first little sailboat, to the first experiences as well as to the friends from whom I learned and with whom I shared my love for the sea, the sun, the wind and the boat.

Actually, this is my second transatlantic experience, but I have the feeling that this is the one that will drive the big change. Forever.

The race

14 days in a row. It’s impossible for me to split night vs. day vs night, strong wind vs. dead calm, this journey – in my mind – was like a single shot!

I spent hours looking at the waves that were running fast behind the boat, hours in the dark at night. It was so dark that I was not even able to see the sails; I was steering just smelling the air, using the sound of sea and the feeling of the wind on my skin. A mix of emotions, joy, fear, sadness, ecstasy in a sequence of feelings that I was given like unexpected gifts, in an endless dream.

And then?

When I was back, on my face I had the smile that the Ocean gave to me as gift, but one question was bumping in my mind: what am I going to do now? I knew that this experience was the end of an important chapter of my life but, at the same token, I new that another chapter was waiting to be written.

To keep me busy and feel new emotions, I intensified the outdoor activity like mountain biking, trekking, running, swimming, breath-hold diving. I knew that I was going somewhere but I did not know the destination; I was just “going with the flow”.

The new chapter: Tuscany Quintessence!

After 20 years of a brilliant career and a bachelor’s degree in computer science, I decided to keep following the flow and change, dedicating my time, my creativity, my experience, energy and professionality in a new dream to conquer; create outdoor experiences in Tuscany capable to give emotions for a second, but that last for life, moments that will boost dreams.

This is why I setup Tuscany Quintessence, with the desire to do a great job injecting also my passion.

Among my tours perhaps there is one experience that you were hoping to enjoy since a while. If this is not the case, you can call me, and together we will create the tour that you are looking for.

Follow the flow.


Ps. By the way, we won the regatta! In the pic, I’m the one with the hat.

ARC 2014 - Arietta 4.2
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