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27 March 2022
The Way of Saint Francis
The Way of Saint Francis, a caress to our soul The path of Sanit Francis starts from the splendid beech forest in the Verna wood. In the silence, the harmony, and the magic of these trees leave an indelible imprint…
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15 December 2020
Responsible travel
When we think of responsible travel, our minds go to remote destinations where there are fragile communities or where there is the involvement of wild animals for the purpose of human entertainment. Although this scenario is clearly questionable from an…
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24 November 2020
Adventure Travel
Adventure Travel is the perfect vacation for the curious When it comes to adventure travel, the mind often flies, evoking extreme images seen on Instagram, a guy standing on top of a rock with open arms and the cliff that…
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17 April 2020
Cycling holidays – The identikit
Cycling holidays – The identikit 7 simple questions to complete the identikit of your ideal bike holidays. There are several “styles” of cycling holidays, but only one is really the special one. Yours! Let’s figure it out together now: Asphalt…
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24 February 2020
Natural park of Maremma Italy
The natural park of Maremma Italy, with its 10.000 hectares, made of free beaches, natural reserve and parks, will enchant you. If you are dreaming to explore a little paradise in Tuscany, stop here. The national park in Maremma is a…
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14 February 2020
Bike tour in Tuscany from Florence
Bike tour in Tuscany from Florence is what you like? Here are some ideas for you. Cycling in Tuscany is a unique experience and cyclists are always welcome. Tuscany is perfect for cycling but above all Tuscany is the ideal…
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1 December 2019
Are u passionate about Tuscan Monasteries?
The leitmotiv of this tour are the Tuscan Monasteries and  hermitages; religious settlements of great charm, capable of arousing deep emotions, sense of peace and harmony. These are places of meditation and / or prayer but at the same time full…
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27 November 2019
Why should walk Via Francigena?
Via Francigena, a journey of a lifetime. A transformative experience. Every new journey is an experience that makes us “new”, “different”. Unaccustomed to silence, to concentration, this itinerary on the Via Francigena wants to create opportunities to experience these forgotten…
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11 September 2019
Tuscany cycling tours to discover being active? Why not
Tuscany cycling tours are the smartest way to combine being active on vacation with discovering the true Tuscan soul If you are a cyclist, you will love it. If you like the idea of riding a bike to explore Tuscany…
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26 June 2019
What’s a luxury Tuscany bike wine tour?
If I ask you to think about a “Luxury Tuscany Bike Wine Tour” what does pop up in your mind? Let’s be clear, different people have different views. The expectations I have thinking about a “Luxury Tuscany Bike Wine Tour”…
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25 May 2019
8 things to do in Florence Italy
Things to do in Florence Italy … if you are reading this blog, perhaps you are looking for ideas a bit off the beaten tracks. This list of suggestions is based on my personal experience. I have been in all…
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11 May 2019
Tuscany Bike Tours Suggestions
Tuscany is an incredible land. With its 7 world heritage UNESCO sites, 20.200 assets related to historical heritage (museums, buildings of historical interest, etc.) and 8 Natural parks – wherever you go – you are perhaps very close to something…
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4 May 2019
Inspiration is not just a matter of luck
Inspiration is not just a matter of luck. There are ways to stimulate the mind to think differently, with an open mind, more creatively. There are also places, for example, which are seemingly insignificant that could become super inspiring, whose…
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23 April 2019
Badia a Passignano
The Abbey of Badia a Passignano is a hidden gem in the heart of Chianti Hidden in the Chianti hills, Badia a Passignano is steeped in art and history. Its origins, characterized by spirituality and mystery, have their roots in…
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5 April 2019
Hosting friends or relatives from abroad?
This post is mainly dedicated to those who are living in Tuscany and that are getting frequent visits of friends and relatives from abroad. Subtitle: Entertaining guests for an extended period? a kind of a part-time job! The fact that…
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28 March 2019
3 reasons why you should ride an electric assisted bike
Subtitle: An Ironman on e-bike. 1. Electric assisted bike is very fun.2. Electric assisted bike is more fun than you think.3. Electric assisted bike will magically make you fall in love. Few weeks ago, I invited Leonardo Nocentini, one of…
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11 March 2019
Tuscany Bike Tours: Backroads Electric Bike Tours
Enjoy a Tuscany backroads bike tour I love the feeling of the white road under my tires, the way it creaks when I am cycling. Maybe it reminds me my ride in the park when I was a kid. I…
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6 March 2019
Tuscany Bike Tour: Outdoor Team Building Activities
Have you ever seen the big boss sweating and being definitively out of his comfort zone during an outdoor team building event like a bike tour of Tuscany or a day trip from Florence? I did, and it was very…
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18 February 2019
Tuscany Family Bike Tour and Outdoor Activities
Tuscany bike vacation that involves family – Let me focus your attention on 3 key factors to be assessed during the planning phase. Tuscany is a great region for outdoor activities. In particular, I really love family bike tour vacations; I…
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18 February 2019
Francigena bike tour – Historical itinerary for a bike vacation
Via Francigena bike tour – I would like to share with you some considerations related to my recent Francigena bike tour. Perhaps one of the best Tuscany bike tours, this mystic, and historical itinerary is ideal for a multi-day bike vacation.…
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18 February 2019
Cycling backpack – is it ready for your next bike tour?
10 things you should have with you for a daily bike tour. Let me share with you the list of things that – based on my experience – are important to keep in your cycling backpack. First of all, let…
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11 February 2019
6 rules for a successful Tuscany bike tour with your partner
Sunday in Tuscany – If you are looking for a special Sunday in Tuscany, a bike tour with your partner is a great opportunity for having fun together and to increase your emotional bond. In order to transform your Sunday bike tour…
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